Agnes Arellano Sculptor

Agnes Arellano Sculptor

The sacred and the mythical, the physical and the erotic, the magical and the mundane, the religious and the profane, and music and song all permeate the art of Filipina artist Agnes Arellano. Drawing from rich personal experience and an extraordinary range of influences, she makes some of the most dramatic art in Asia. more...

The Sculptures of Agnes Arellano: An Odyssey into Our Innermost Selves

Article on
by R.C.Ladrido
November 19,2019

A walk through the exhibit assails one's senses: the female form in all its nakedness, full pendulous breasts, vulvas and vaginas, a womb filled with life, skulls in a row, and more. The male element is not forgotten, in phalluses and giant bronze-coated bullets, its penile form gleaming under the tropical sun.

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ArtSpeak Online with Agnes Arellano

in conversation with Isa Nazareno and Boots Herrera

Discover the works and inspirations of visual artist Agnes Arellano in this first ever ArtSpeak Online session hosted by Ateneo Art Gallery. This talk is moderated by ALiWW Executive Director, Isa Nazareno, and Ateneo Art Gallery Director, Boots Herrera. ⁠

Inscapes that create artistic coherence

Article on The Philippine Star
by Alfred A. Yuson
October 7, 2019

Opening on Sunday, Oct. 13, at the Ateneo Areté Amphitheater, is her “Inscapes: A Retrospective,” to last till March 15, 2020. The retro became possible when Agnes received the Ignacio Jimenez Outdoor Installation Grant, care of the Ateneo Art Gallery, with Ma. Victoria “Boots” Herrera as AAG director and chief curator....

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Inside the Art of Agnes Arellano, Sculptor of the Sacred Feminine

Carving divine rhyme into patriarchal reason

Article on MUSE by Clio
by Angela Natividad
Feb 21, 2019

Philippine artist Agnes Arellano has a body of work that goes back to the early 1980s. It's not only deeply mythological but profoundly, even subversively feminine, sometimes in ways that are dark and terrifying—this in a country dominated by monotheistic religion and a political strongman, who's as much a feminist as he is subtle....

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Fruit of Her Womb: Agnes Arellano as Sculptor and Woman Artist

Article on Adobo Magazine
by Rome Jorge
May 30, 2018

One does not just see an Agnes Arellano sculpture. One is consumed by it, coursed through it intravenously, and birthed by it. Her art is both a visceral and spiritual experience...

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In Conversation With Agnes Arellano

Interview for Philippine Tatler by Dorynna Untivero
July 28, 2017

Ever wonder what a typical day in the life of a sculptor is like? We talk to Agnes Arellano about several topics including Tai Chi, Peace Cranes, Myths, and her time as a Fine Arts student...

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Inscapes: The Art of Agnes Arellano - Monograph

Inscapes: The Art of Agnes Arellano

This monograph, written by Alice Guillermo, is the first comprehensive introduction to Arellano’s body of works. It highlights and examines her pantheon of female goddesses, including the iconic Carcass-Cornucopia, a live-cast of the artist’s own body, in the work Myths of Creation & Destruction I in 1987. The book includes photographs, notes, sketches and other documentation of the artist’s major works from the early 80s to 1996 as well as a CD of her Sound Sculptures.

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