Agnes Arellano Sculptor

Bosch and the Hollow Men


This work, the 3rd in my series of 'inscapes', is strongly political in nature. It was conceived and developed before, during, and after the Philippine elections and subsequent revolution in early 1986.

Recycling the Philippine oligarchy through the form of revolution is parodied by the antics of the creatures in a horror-show remake of Hieronymus Bosch's 'Garden of Delights'. The chimpanzee watches a strange violet light emanating from the television with puzzlement, after having seen the fraudulent elections, now attempting to understand why, if everything has changed, it is still all the same.

Meanwhile, Manila eccentric and philosopher Pepito Bosch watches with amusement the antics of the bourgeoisie as they flounder around masturbating, worshipping a non-existent presence in the bushes, and choosing their own colour of "balimbing", (that is to say the yellow of Aquino, the green of Laurel, or the red of Sison.)