Agnes Arellano Sculptor



Taomaraw X 

X is for eXtinction. Tao and Tamaraw - Homo Sapiens and Bubalus Mindorensis morphed into one creature. The Hunter and the Hunted are one.

The timeline of extinctions is an historical account of species that have gone extinct during the time that modern humans have occupied the earth. By 2012, the western black rhinoceros had been hunted to extinction. By 1989 the golden toad of Costa Rica was gone while 1979 was the last sighting of the Javanese Tiger. In the 1940s, various types of wolves everywhere were hunted to extinction. (wiki)

There are only around 300 Tamaraw (Bubalus Mindorensis) left in the whole world, and they exist only in the island of Mindoro, considered since 2000 in the Red List of critically endangered species threatened with extinction.

The sculpture is a reminder of how fragile we are yet how eternal.

- Agnes Arellano
In collaboration with Billy Bonnevie
Artists for the Environment
January 2015 

The pair in my garden.

Billy Bonnevie with Taomaraw headdress. Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival, 2015.